What measures how good you are is “continuity."

For more than half a year, I wrote everyday continually, even when I had a lot of other works. These are the factors that made this possible:

1.  “Have a target”

When what we’re doing can fulfil our dreams, we can fight however tired we are. 

2. “Challenge yourself”
Try new things everyday. Change the difficulties into a challenge. If it’s easy, anyone can do it. And that’s not our style. Haha…

3. “Look for feedbacks”
Dare to be criticised. Accept both compliments and criticisms in order to move forward. Ask for feedbacks from those close to you. They will not hold back when pointing out our flaws.

4. “Make time”
Everyone has a job, responsibilities and obligations. But the 24 hours that we all have, we can control it.

5. “Every minute counts”
When you allocate your time, every minute has to be efficient.

6. “Have discipline”- Make up your mind and do it!
Even if you’re curious, do it!
Even if you’re tired, do it!
Even if you’re complaining, do it!
(Look at number 1 often, whether it is fame, work, house, car, or bags. See it in front of you. Paste a picture!) Mine is on my desktop. It’s doing what we love.

7. “Share”
When it benefits others, you feel good doing it.

—“Until we reach our dreams,”

don’t stop running.

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