Pride that you can find when you “wake up.”


Before actually being able to get up, we have millions of reasons to pity ourselves. 

…just a bit more, last night was really late…

…I can’t do this, my eyes hurt. Let me sleep a bit more…


The person we’re asking permission from is actually our future.

If we sleep on, we’ll miss many things we aimed for, begin a new day while hurrying. That day, we’ll have no strength, no fire. We’ll be moody. But every time you fight with drowsiness and get yourself off the bed, and open your eyes to see the soft rays of a new day…


10 minutes after, you will thank yourself for having discipline.

Pride will follow.


Waking up early and being able to do everything you have planned gives us more motivation everyday. 

“At least I can control my own fate.”


Everyday is new search. Everyday, we get closer to our dream.

To really reach that dream, you need to stop procrastinating.

Pass on the power to others and wake up those who procrastinate.


“A big dream begins with waking up!”

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