During the year of studying at EPSAA University in Paris, the students had to come up with a super idea that will wow people and create curiosity. These works have to be remembered.

The teacher turned on the slide showing a chair full of thorns. Everyone cringed.


“Let’s create something creative,” said the teacher!

I came up with an idea of an egg chair, arranged as if they were cushion.

It was ethereal and isn’t really usable. It provoked questions and was exactly what the teacher wanted. 

Be creative. Don’t create a comfortable chair because… “It’s not cool!”


But when I grew up, my views changed.

If I get another chance, I will recreate this job and create a comfortable chair.

Because what good would it be if what we create cannot do its job?


“If you want to succeed, do something that is worthy to others.”


If you create a piece and it can sell, you will have the motivation to continue.


Always keep in mind that cool, nice-looking things are for show only,


but the things you keep close to your heart are “the things that can really be used.”

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