“15 Words of Wisdom from Tor Thanonchai” 

Before I asked him about smiles, here are some few words of wisdoms that touches my heart. 

Recorded in 2011.


1. If you like something, you will not stop. If you stop, you don’t like it.

2. Don’t think about money. It will come eventually.

3. Don’t have an ego. Accept what is better.

4. Who will know us, if you don’t know ourselves.

5. Perseverance is like a rocket. It takes a but of time before it can fly.

6. If there’s no problem at all, we have a problem!

7. Good things can change people.

8. Be active and love the work you do.

9. Create a work that stays long after you die. “It has to be meaningful.”

10. The world has come to a point where money doesn’t mean valuable. “What is the meaning of work?”

11. Along the way of making a living, don't forget meaning. (No. 9-11. Repeat it three times!)

12. If your drawing is bad, but you’re happy doing it, then “do it!”

13. As yourself often, what am I doing? What am I good at? What should I do?

14. Understand humans.

15. Challenge yourself.

And don’t forget to use the summarisation technique from #TheOutstandingKid to create great and meaningful works!

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