“Be Alive”


Getting the visa was like passing through many barriers,

whether it be paperworks, exchanging money, packing coats, long johns, or shrimp pastes.

The 12 hours on the plane gave a girl who never travelled faraway a bad cramp.


When I reached the airport, I had to carry a large backpack and two luggage alone.

I couldn’t speak French and had to come face to face with a strict officer. 

I slowly walked out of the airport at dawn. The sky was blue against the soft rain. I completely felt the atmosphere.


At six in the morning of August 2004,

I got the answer that Paris was this beautiful.


“Travel into the wide world. It will make us feel better to be alive.”


…You can be any age…

“If you’re still breathing, you need to hurry.”

Save up money, pack up, travel and continue to find new inspirations.

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