“For Those Without a Choice”

“For Those Without a Choice”


Life has been predetermined for you to do what you’re doing

You don’t have money. You’re not as lucky as other.

You have responsibilities that you cannot fly out as your heart desires. 


Don’t say you don’t have a choice because, in truth, you have already made your choice.

You chose to be responsible for the things you need to do,

rather than to go out and chase your own dream.


“because you’re good enough not to leave it.”

Be proud of what you are right now.


What you need to know is that “no one starts off with everything.”

“Not ready” “Having nothing” “Being poor” “Feeling hurt”

Those who get through it are those who say,

“We need to have it!!!”

“We can do this!!!”


They will slowly climb up from the dark hole to look up to the bright rays of the sun.

Change this life to be meaningful and die without regrets.


Life is always full of choices.

Will you choose to continue like this or to fight?


In the end, the only one left watching our life is “us.”

Therefore, use this life meaningfully.


“The Outstanding Kid” is a book written for the crazies who want to chase their dreams,

but lack the support to turn the dreams into something tangible.


The path of dreams is not easy, but it is “manageable.”

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