“For Those Without a Choice”

“For Those Without a Choice”


Life has been predetermined for you to do what you’re doing

You don’t have money. You’re not as lucky as other.

You have responsibilities that you cannot fly out as your heart desires. 


Don’t say you don’t have a choice because, in truth, you have already made your choice.

You chose to be responsible for the things you need to do,

rather than to go out and chase your own dream.


“because you’re good enough not to leave it.”

Be proud of what you are right now.


What you need to know is that “no one starts off with everything.”

“Not ready” “Having nothing” “Being poor” “Feeling hurt”

Those who get through it are those who say,

“We need to have it!!!”

“We can do this!!!”


They will slowly climb up from the dark hole to look up to the bright rays of the sun.

Change this life to be meaningful and die without regrets.


Life is always full of choices.

Will you choose to continue like this or to fight?


In the end, the only one left watching our life is “us.”

Therefore, use this life meaningfully.


“The Outstanding Kid” is a book written for the crazies who want to chase their dreams,

but lack the support to turn the dreams into something tangible.


The path of dreams is not easy, but it is “manageable.”

“Be Alive”


Getting the visa was like passing through many barriers,

whether it be paperworks, exchanging money, packing coats, long johns, or shrimp pastes.

The 12 hours on the plane gave a girl who never travelled faraway a bad cramp.


When I reached the airport, I had to carry a large backpack and two luggage alone.

I couldn’t speak French and had to come face to face with a strict officer. 

I slowly walked out of the airport at dawn. The sky was blue against the soft rain. I completely felt the atmosphere.


At six in the morning of August 2004,

I got the answer that Paris was this beautiful.


“Travel into the wide world. It will make us feel better to be alive.”


…You can be any age…

“If you’re still breathing, you need to hurry.”

Save up money, pack up, travel and continue to find new inspirations.

“Dream Big”


The universe is without a limit. Why do we still limit ourselves?


Plan that

today…I will go to a place that I’ve never been before.

today…I will do things I’ve never done before.

today…I will look for opportunities that I’ve never seen before.

today…I will learn things I never knew before.


and today…I will not limit myself, especially my thoughts.


We cannot touch the air, but it is there.


It’s the same with dreams.


Head straight on.

Do what your head and heart says and give it your all!

“The show must go on.”

When I had to choose between going to sell things in France or stay in university, I chose to go to France without any hesitation at all because it was more interesting than the classes. The plan to stay for just a month turned into five years. The life of a student living abroad without money is difficult. It’s full of tears, drama, stress, and wanting to go home so many times.

But I had to finish it. I had to graduate and it has to be good.
When you chose this path, you need to “be responsible.”


When I first began working, I presented an idea to the team of Coca Cola directors. I thought I could do it because I was well-prepared. But I forgot everything. My mouth shivered. I froze. I couldn’t talk. More than 20 pairs of eyes stared at me, edging me on. Even though I was completely embarrassed that I didn’t even want to be in that room anymore, I said frankly, “I’m sorry. I just graduated. Please give me another chance.”

From complete silence, laughter broke out. Being young could break the ice. So I got to present again…and it went well. (This technique could only be used once.)
When you chose this path, you need to “be responsible.”



As I began to do business, problems came in so many times. 

But I have a personal motto: When you chose this path, you need to “be responsible” for it.  Make up your mind to move forward and never go back. Because this path of success is waiting for you to explore it.

Don’t let those passersby have any effects on you. Whatever road it is that you choose to walk, always remember

“The show must go on!”

What measures how good you are is “continuity."

For more than half a year, I wrote everyday continually, even when I had a lot of other works. These are the factors that made this possible:

1.  “Have a target”

When what we’re doing can fulfil our dreams, we can fight however tired we are. 

2. “Challenge yourself”
Try new things everyday. Change the difficulties into a challenge. If it’s easy, anyone can do it. And that’s not our style. Haha…

3. “Look for feedbacks”
Dare to be criticised. Accept both compliments and criticisms in order to move forward. Ask for feedbacks from those close to you. They will not hold back when pointing out our flaws.

4. “Make time”
Everyone has a job, responsibilities and obligations. But the 24 hours that we all have, we can control it.

5. “Every minute counts”
When you allocate your time, every minute has to be efficient.

6. “Have discipline”- Make up your mind and do it!
Even if you’re curious, do it!
Even if you’re tired, do it!
Even if you’re complaining, do it!
(Look at number 1 often, whether it is fame, work, house, car, or bags. See it in front of you. Paste a picture!) Mine is on my desktop. It’s doing what we love.

7. “Share”
When it benefits others, you feel good doing it.

—“Until we reach our dreams,”

don’t stop running.

“15 Words of Wisdom from Tor Thanonchai” 

Before I asked him about smiles, here are some few words of wisdoms that touches my heart. 

Recorded in 2011.


1. If you like something, you will not stop. If you stop, you don’t like it.

2. Don’t think about money. It will come eventually.

3. Don’t have an ego. Accept what is better.

4. Who will know us, if you don’t know ourselves.

5. Perseverance is like a rocket. It takes a but of time before it can fly.

6. If there’s no problem at all, we have a problem!

7. Good things can change people.

8. Be active and love the work you do.

9. Create a work that stays long after you die. “It has to be meaningful.”

10. The world has come to a point where money doesn’t mean valuable. “What is the meaning of work?”

11. Along the way of making a living, don't forget meaning. (No. 9-11. Repeat it three times!)

12. If your drawing is bad, but you’re happy doing it, then “do it!”

13. As yourself often, what am I doing? What am I good at? What should I do?

14. Understand humans.

15. Challenge yourself.

And don’t forget to use the summarisation technique from #TheOutstandingKid to create great and meaningful works!


During the year of studying at EPSAA University in Paris, the students had to come up with a super idea that will wow people and create curiosity. These works have to be remembered.

The teacher turned on the slide showing a chair full of thorns. Everyone cringed.


“Let’s create something creative,” said the teacher!

I came up with an idea of an egg chair, arranged as if they were cushion.

It was ethereal and isn’t really usable. It provoked questions and was exactly what the teacher wanted. 

Be creative. Don’t create a comfortable chair because… “It’s not cool!”


But when I grew up, my views changed.

If I get another chance, I will recreate this job and create a comfortable chair.

Because what good would it be if what we create cannot do its job?


“If you want to succeed, do something that is worthy to others.”


If you create a piece and it can sell, you will have the motivation to continue.


Always keep in mind that cool, nice-looking things are for show only,


but the things you keep close to your heart are “the things that can really be used.”

Pride that you can find when you “wake up.”


Before actually being able to get up, we have millions of reasons to pity ourselves. 

…just a bit more, last night was really late…

…I can’t do this, my eyes hurt. Let me sleep a bit more…


The person we’re asking permission from is actually our future.

If we sleep on, we’ll miss many things we aimed for, begin a new day while hurrying. That day, we’ll have no strength, no fire. We’ll be moody. But every time you fight with drowsiness and get yourself off the bed, and open your eyes to see the soft rays of a new day…


10 minutes after, you will thank yourself for having discipline.

Pride will follow.


Waking up early and being able to do everything you have planned gives us more motivation everyday. 

“At least I can control my own fate.”


Everyday is new search. Everyday, we get closer to our dream.

To really reach that dream, you need to stop procrastinating.

Pass on the power to others and wake up those who procrastinate.


“A big dream begins with waking up!”

The Age of “The Outstanding Kid” is Coming


It’s time for those of courage to rise…


The crazies who chase their dreams.


The motivated who do what they want.


Those who never give up.


“The Outstanding Kid”


What others say yes, we don’t like it.


The convention means nothing to us because easy is not an option.


“Dying without getting to do what we want” is a big deal.

Whoever doubts them, they’ll show it.


“This one life we have, we give it our all!”


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