UNREAL (2018) 

Zae's 3rd book is all about finding what is "REAL" to you.

The book has been written from her real experiences. After Zae had been challenged in so many areas in her life especially work, she decided to stay "true" to herself by doing what she really cares about and do what she wants to do most.

Zae wants you to ask the same question, too!

Available in all major book stores in March 2018.



Let The World See You

 Let The World See You (2016) 

In this book, Zae has been collected all her thoughts of how to find your greatness in everyday life. It began by finding yourself and spread your ideas out to make them come true. As we are living in the digital age, the competition in business is a global scale. That's why it's important to let the world see you.

"This book shares her passion for living fully, resourcefully and how you can be so amazing that the world cannot ignore you." 
Aliza Napartivaumnuay, Co-Founder of Socialgiver

The best-seller that reached eight place of the entire country in three days and first place in the psychology genre in five days!

Available in all major book stores.



The Outstanding Kid

 The Outstanding Kid  (2014) 

“Zae” is a young girl with a well-rounded nerdy, unique and fresh look. She did everything from cheerleading, getting into Chulalongkorn University, but was called to live in France, artworks, to graduating with honours from Paris! Now, she has her own design company and is constantly featured on the media. This is totally the new-generation dream!

Zae calls herself “The Out/standing Kid,” someone who used to be limited, but now is free. Her story isn’t all roses like what most people think. She only started off as a daughter of a shop-owner at Chatuchak. She was never meant to go far, but her “heart” brought her overseas and across the world. She dreamt big and dare to follow her dreams even when she didn’t know what the future would bring. This is the highlight of this book!

From Chatuchak, how did she go as far as Champs-Élysées? How can be an “Out/standing Kid” like Zae? She has shared all her secrets in this book. And you will find out how much more “fun” and “valuable” will your life be when you do something different from others.

The best-seller that reached third place of the entire country in three days and first place in the psychology genre in one week!

Order online at:   SE-ED   NAIIN   CENTRAL   ASIABOOKS   KINOKUNIYA  and leading bookstores across the country.



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