“The show must go on.”

When I had to choose between going to sell things in France or stay in university, I chose to go to France without any hesitation at all because it was more interesting than the classes. The plan to stay for just a month turned into five years. The life of a student living abroad without money is difficult. It’s full of tears, drama, stress, and wanting to go home so many times.

But I had to finish it. I had to graduate and it has to be good.
When you chose this path, you need to “be responsible.”


When I first began working, I presented an idea to the team of Coca Cola directors. I thought I could do it because I was well-prepared. But I forgot everything. My mouth shivered. I froze. I couldn’t talk. More than 20 pairs of eyes stared at me, edging me on. Even though I was completely embarrassed that I didn’t even want to be in that room anymore, I said frankly, “I’m sorry. I just graduated. Please give me another chance.”

From complete silence, laughter broke out. Being young could break the ice. So I got to present again…and it went well. (This technique could only be used once.)
When you chose this path, you need to “be responsible.”



As I began to do business, problems came in so many times. 

But I have a personal motto: When you chose this path, you need to “be responsible” for it.  Make up your mind to move forward and never go back. Because this path of success is waiting for you to explore it.

Don’t let those passersby have any effects on you. Whatever road it is that you choose to walk, always remember

“The show must go on!”

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